Non-laminated onc maps – Going green

We will start by looking back on how and why we got to this point. “According to gazette notice No. 2334 of 14th March 2017, all plastic carrier bags regardless of their thickness or color used as secondary packages are banned with effect from 28th August 2017”, reads a publication made by National Environment Management Authority. This decision was compounded by the fact that plastic bags/materials take over 100 years to degrade.

As you may be aware, the penalties for contravening the ban are commensurate to the crime. Section 144 of EMCA (Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act) states that, “any person who contravenes the provision of the gazette notice shall be liable to a fine of not less than two million Kenya Shillings, and not more than four million Kenya shillings, or imprisonment of a term of not less than one year but not more than four years or to both such fine and imprisonment”

The risks posed by such to our environment are immeasurable, and in our effort to restore back our environment and make it cleaner and safer for the coming generations has led to such laws being passed. We applaud the strides made by NEMA in pursuit of this noble quest.

Lamination film used for laminating our ONC maps also falls within the broad category of plastics materials that have been banned for use and/or distribution of any kind. Aerocruise LTD being a duly registered business entity under the laws of the land, conforms to the regulations set forth by our government institutions and it is thereby, with this reason we have resorted in selling NON-LAMINATED ONC MAPS .

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